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Anti-Shock Bungee Dog Seat Belt

$ 19.99

Having loose animals in the car can cause a distraction when driving and in the event of an accident they can cause serious injuries to themselves other occupants if propelled forwards. It will also provide your pet with a more comfortable ride in day to day driving when sudden braking or turning may occur. It is now law in the UK, France, Germany and across much of Europe that a dog has to be restrained whilst in a car. The Anti-Shock pet car seat belt is a simple and cost effective way to prevent such incidences and to comply with these legislation.


  • SAFETY - made from super strong nylon material with reflective stitching and metal clips ensures your pet is safely restrained in your vehicle
  • SHOCK ABSORBING - the robust elasticated section provides a great buffer under heavy breaking or sudden stops
  • ADJUSTABLE - the seat belt can be lengthened from (76-148 cm) making it suitable for small, medium and large dogs
  • 360 DEGREE SWIVEL - the hook clip rotates to prevent any unnecessary tangles when your pet moves around
  • UNIVERSAL - the seat belt clip attaches to 99.9% of all vehicles