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Reflective Dog Rope Leash 1.2 Meters

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Your Best Friend's Best Friend!

A resistant and beautiful leash for your pups of any size.

Improve your dog walking experience with this carefully designed leash. Every dog owner has seen their hands suffer the wrath of a rough leash. How many people have walked in the street at night with their dogs, unseen by drivers? How normal is it to see badly trained dogs these days? Using retractable leashes does not allow the dog owner to train their dogs properly. This makes for unruly animals that could potentially be in harm's way. We've seen too many bad leashes in our life as dog owners. This is why we have designed this leash.

Our dog leash offers great simple features:

  • Enhanced reflectivity to avoid being invisible while walking at night.
  • Great durability that will endure your pup's penchant for chewing everything.
  • Flexible weaving that absorbs the pull, so that you don't hurt your hands or shoulders.
  • An extremely resistant metal hook that will take over 308 lbs. of pull for a dog to snap it!
  • Beautiful patterns.Things don't only need to be practical, they should also look good!