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IQ Pet Food Dispenser Ball

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An easy way to keep your dog active and happy!

Some dogs can be inactive and gulp down their food too fast. This IQ Pet Food Dispenser Ball will make your pet work for it’s food and in the process keep them mentally stimulated. It can take up to an hour to release all the food!

TUMBLER DESIGN: It lets the dog see, smell and hear dry food inside the toy. It keeps them excited - especially those dogs that live for food!

SLOWS DOWN FEEDING: Putting a portion of your dog’s treats in this ball leave them no choice but to work for food to have it dispense but rewarding them in the process. It can take up to an hour to fully dispense all treats which allows for efficient digestion.

PROMOTES HEALTHY BEHAVIOUR: This toy is designed to reduce boredom and destructive behaviour through healthy play and exercise whilst developing and maintaining your dog’s physical alertness, as to fulfil their hunting instincts.

100% SAFE: It is ultra-durable and made with odourless high-quality material. It is 100% safe for all pets.